Evolve from Triggered to True Freedom



I’m Kevin Russell

My mission is to help you reconnect with your own natural state of ease, peaceful presence, profound contentment, and radical health and wellbeing – super-charging your natural gifts and cultivating a life beyond measure.

As a transformation guide, my superpower is leading you through the release of the conditioning and programming of life – the faulty beliefs, painful past, self-sabotage, trauma, and internal separation that keeps us stuck, sick, and in scarcity/survival mode – so you can live life as your most authentic, confident, inspired, truest-self!

Transformation Guide, Quantum Consciousness Coach, Groundbreaking Energy Worker, and Award-Winning Author Kevin Russell

Dissolve Your Fears, Frustrations, and Limiting Beliefs

Quantum Mastermind

A high-level mastermind for seekers who want to master the skillsets, systems, and practices to live a life of true freedom from the inside-out.

Within each of us is an inherent state of healed-wholeness, radical freedom, and natural enlightenment.

It’s time to get back to who we really are.

Client Experiences

Reclaim Your Natural State of Enlightenment!

Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor is your handbook for a life of timeless peace, radical fulfillment, and boundless joy – without years of therapy or endless meditation.

Simple Steps to Transform Your Life: Packed with actionable steps for mind, body, spirit, and quantum transformation, this book guides you through the mental growth phases that lead to expanded states of consciousness and greater fulfillment in life. Experience true peace of mind and unlock the secrets to a fulfilled life.

Master Your Mind, Body, and Energy: Take charge of your thoughts and energy, transform your relationship to your powerful subconscious, and unlocking the potential within. Claim a life free from the matrix of external control and charged with positivity, peace, and a deeper connection to who, and what, you truly are.

Balance Your Nervous System, Vagus Nerve, and Let Go of Stress in Minutes

I call it Energy Hygiene. We regularly wash our clothes, take a shower, and brush our teeth to maintain health and prevent (dis)ease, but we hardly ever clean up our energetic hygiene!

Well, now you can balance your nervous system, reset your vagus nerve, and let go of stress in as little as 15 minutes a day!

When we book-end our day by getting balanced, grounded, and centered in the morning and evening, we are taking better care of our energy, and better care of our minds and bodies.

When we take better care of our energy, minds, and bodies, we are less reactive, more peaceful, and will experience LESS stress, depression, or anxiety.

Get the free guided download to better whole-system health today!

21st-century Energy Work – the Evolution of Optimizing Human Energy

Emotional, physiological, mental, electromagnetic, spiritual, and energetic clearing and balancing. Clients say it’s like Reiki on steroids!

Evolve from triggered to true freedom

It’s totally possible… I know because I’ve done it.

Schedule 30-minutes so we can connect, untangle what is holding you back in life, and I can answer any questions you have about me, Subconscious Transformation, and Quantum Consciousness Training.

Great! Start here with an introductory 2 hour session and comprehensive energy tune-up so we make sure you start off on the right foot.

You’ve been doing the work. Maybe with the shadow journal, a therapist, or being self-directed on your own journey and you’re ready for more. I gotchu. Whatever your goals, whatever your challenges, we can address them and optimize your entire being at the subconscious level towards greater peace, health,  fulfillment, abundance, happiness, contentment, and better relationships with everyone in your life.