About Kevin Russell

I’ve been training for this my whole life.

Part I – Early Challenges

My awareness of my body came at an early age.

Allergies run in my family. Mine expressed as food allergies. When I was little, my uncle used to  call me “Buddha Belly” because I often had a distended belly, digestion issues, and was sick often.

By second grade I was put on an elimination diet: no grain, no sugar, no dairy. For a second grader it was tough, and it was isolating. Only being able to eat a plain hamburger (no bun, obv.) at a summer family cook out, and having crumbly rice bread sandwiches for school lunch with the other kids pointing, whispering, and snickering near by. I started learning at an early age that food is fuel, and the fuel we put in our bodies matters.

Shining a light in the dark since back in the day, even if I didn’t feel great!
One of the few pictures of me from the time when I wanted to disappear.

Things at home got a bit rough toward middle school – mom and dad fighting, a big move, and I felt like I had zero control of anything in my life. So, ironically enough, I started to control one of the only things I could, what I ate.

I stopped eating. I was anorexic from 12 to 15. I wanted to disappear. I stopped hanging out with friends. I retreated deep inside and didn’t want to come out.

Thankfully, my parents recognized something was going on with me, and I started seeing a therapist. Not an easy feat in the early 1990’s, since there were no therapists in our area that treated boys with anorexia! Until we found one, Dr. Joanna Lessner. I am so grateful for her taking me on as a patient. She helped me pull out of a dark, angry, scared, very alone feeling place. I learned about my emotions. I learned about how emotions felt in my body. And I stared to to experience more room on the inside. This was the first time I was introduced to my inner space, and took a step towards becoming the  “Observer”.

Part II – Getting Stuck in the Programming of Life

I was 18 the first time I killed myself. Now we call it a Post-Death Consciousness Exercise. An exercise that I’ve guided hundreds of clients through to gain more peaceful presence and freedom in life, releasing the fear of “what’s next”.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I organically guided myself through the process in my mind when I had a thought about suicide the fall of my 18th year.

Not only did I confirm to myself that action was definitely not the path for me, what I found on the other side of “dying” was a profound peace, and love… you might even call it bliss. This was the first time I experienced post-death consciousness work, a first big “expansion of consciousness”, and my inner space got even bigger. I gained an understanding that I was somehow more than just my body and my senses.

I went to college. I was always working in restaurants, ever since I was 15. It fit with school, gave me time to surf, and and I eventually met my wife Kelli working at a steakhouse in La Jolla, Ca.

For over 30 years, surfing and the ocean have been my gym, sparring partner, therapist, cathedral, and sanctuary. It also helped pull me through a depression and thoughts of suicide when I was 18.

I was getting my undergrad for design, she was pursuing her master’s. We graduated, got married, and welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our world. I co-founded a digital design firm, Kelli taught yoga. Things were great…for a while.

Part III – The Beginning

As our daughter got older, we both slowly slid back into deep subconscious programming from our childhood, and we started fighting. We would deny it or dismiss it, say we were just arguing semantics or having a spirited disagreement, but we were fighting.

It started to show in our daughter. She developed a nervous, anxious habit of picking any blemish or itch on her body until it bled. We didn’t know what to do, but as fate would have it one of Kelli’s friends was seeing a doctor who also practiced Touch for Health, a subconscious inquiry and mind/body balancing technique that yielded profound results for our friend.

Kelli and I have been together for over 20 years, but it wasn’t always happy times. This is from our earlier days working in restaurants.

It only took a 7-minute conversation and one muscle test with this wonderful doctor for our daughter to realize she was picking at her skin because she was anxious when mom and dad were fighting. Making that connection was all it took for her to never pick again.

Then the doctor turned to Kelli and said, “she’s fine, you two need to do the work.” So we did. And the more work we did for our relationship, and ourselves, the better we felt, and the better our relationship got.

We learned and trained in powerful subconscious transformation processes and emotional trauma release techniques. Our relationship improved, the lifelong allergies I had faded away, the monkey-mind/hamster-wheel chatter of the mind quieted, all my physical symptoms disappeared, and the stress and anxiety of life faded away.

I dove deep. I worked on myself daily with these powerful subconscious transformation techniques, and within 3 years I had a massive enlightenment experience where I fully reconnected with my “higher-self”, activating and supercharging the natural abilities we all have: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, and intuition.

I thought, “I did it! I did the thing! Where’s my gold watch?!”

But what I soon came to realize was that this amazingly powerful experience was only a beginning…


Since then I wrote a handbook on how to connect with quantum consciousness and your own highest self. It isn’t long, but it is dense! Covers a lot of ground and give the how-to for unwinding the triggers from life.

I created a powerful process to help return the mind/body system to its natural state of balance and equanimity. Clients say it’s like Reiki on Steroids.

And I began working with clients 1:1 – helping them find their way back to their own fulfillment in life and personal enlightenment – living a healed, whole, peacefully present, and abundant life from the inside-out.

Are you ready to master the matrix of modern life, leave the painful past behind, return to your true self, and become peacefully unf**kable-with? Let’s go.

Evolve from triggered to true freedom

It’s totally possible… I know because I’ve done it.

Schedule 30-minutes so we can connect, untangle what is holding you back in life, and I can answer any questions you have about me, Subconscious Transformation, and Quantum Consciousness Training.

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