Client Results & Testimonials

You are already healed and whole, I help you remember that.

“Kevin Russell is the most gifted and intuitive healer I’ve ever worked with. I was experiencing heavy stress that translated into pain, digestive issues, and insomnia. Kevin created a safe, loving and nurturing space where, in a single session, I was able to release trapped emotions (even ancestral) that years of therapy had failed to resolve.

After 10 days, my results are profound and go beyond the symptoms I was experiencing. I feel calm and balanced. Life is lighter and easier. Not only is he an amazing practitioner but he’s also an amazing human being. He’s passionate about his work and truly cares about his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about healing.”

Francesca / Reiki & Chinese Medicine Professional

I met Kevin Russell, a professional energy healer he worked on me for over 2 & a half hours he removed ancestral knot from 15 generations, past life stuff he removed at least 15 big knots & attachments. Kevin is very intuitive made me feel at ease while he was working on me.

I feel we accomplished a lot in our session. He has changed my life for the better, I’ve let go of a lot of bad energy that was really holding me back in life. Now I feel I will be able to move forwards onto my life’s purpose! Thank you Kevin, it’s been a pleasure working with you.”

Lisa / Great Britain, UK

“Kevin came highly recommended, so choosing him from the galaxy of online healers was no coincidence. What surprised me was how quickly I healed. For months I’d been struggling with a sort of creative paralysis, so you can imagine my delight when, within 24 hours of our session, I was back to being the best of me. Kevin cleared away the mental and emotional blocks stunting my writing process.

He is professional, intuitive, and very friendly. He listens with his heart as much as his ears. If you’re looking to overcome a slump, seeking a serious soul cleansing, or just want a spiritual tweak, I highly recommend him as your healer.

Thanks to Kevin, I’m once again firing on all creative cylinders.”

Scott / San Diego, CA

“Up until the last 24 – 48 hours, it has been an extraordinary emotional roller coaster. Everything we have worked on has continued to come up for me, in vibrant emotional color.

However, I have been engaging in the practices you recommended, and in the last day or two (since returning from the mountains) I have reached a new level of peace, self-confidence, and my commitment and plans for continuing the healing process are inspiring me! So in all, it has been amazing.

I have noticed that I am now on a long journey of self-healing, that I don’t need to put my life on hold to do it, and that I have an enormous foundation of inner strength to work with. I am looking to incorporate daily healing practices into my life, to continue my journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Thank you again so much for all your help.”

John / Sydney, Australia

“Thank you, Kevin! Our emergency energy session gave us a totally new perspective on our experiences in this life. How freeing! Your book, My Guy on the 9th Floor…incredible. You explain things so easily. We love that you did your own Audible narration!

After having our session with you and listening to you tell us your story and explain how our subconscious mind works to control our responses was truly enlightening. So, listening to you further explain your story and go into such great detail about how our energy/mind/body works together was like listening to an old friend. Thanks for bringing the happy!”

Debbie / Alaska, USA

“I’ve been feeling way more confident and really at peace! Ever since the session my sleep has improved. I want to thank you for helping me so much and I can not wait to have another session with you.”

Dan / Los Angeles, Ca

“I definitely felt a positive shift after our session. The hives have been much better and it has been easy to switch off the constant worry. All in all it felt like the session has made a big positive shift.”

Sarah / Pennsylvania, USA

Things are going well. I’m sleeping a bit better and I have a lot more energy. My overall mood is a lot better🙏 I have definitely felt a shift Thanks so much. I look forward to our next session!!😁

Jackie / San Diego, Ca

My mind has stayed open and I’ve been hyper aware. I’ve had many epiphanies and feelings of extreme emotions and calm as well. It’s been a roller coaster, but I feel more at peace and compassionate. Even toward my dad!! I somehow just organically meet him where he is and then move on. I feel like I’m learning that I need to follow my purpose more and more and I’m excited about it!

BK / Denver, Co

“I am definitely experiencing some changes 😊. The biggest one is in my energy. I feel less “compressed” and the uncomfortable sensation in my legs when I go to sleep is gone, so I’m able to meditate again 😌.

I feel definitely less conflicted and more “calm” and “present”. I am also experiencing some changes in my body: I have more appetite and it seems that, on top of better processing energy, I’m better processing food.”

Fran / Germany

“The last couple weeks have been ultra busy with life and work. However, I feel wonderful. I definitely feel lighter and happy and my wife has definitely noticed. It feels so refreshing and I’m excited.”

Janine / Phoenix, Az

“Kevin thank you so much for taking your valuable time to walk me ever so sacredly through your process. It was a joyous experience. I am feeling very much at peace. You have clearly found your calling. I am excited to see what unfolds in your life now.”

Lawrence / San Diego, Ca

“You also gave me the confidence to trust myself and my body. My biggest takeaways from our work together is greater Clarity, Grounding, Vision. It was such a gift to work with you!”

Katherine / Colorado

How Kevin Russell Saved my life.
Where do I even start?
I was feeling the lowest I’ve ever felt in my life. I had a series of traumatic losses and I was at the point where I was feeling hopeless, isolated, alone, and didn’t see the point of living anymore.
I was desperate I was willing to try anything.
Therapy, group therapy, yoga, breathing, meditation, self help books, webinars. All seemed incomplete,unfulfilling and unsatisfying.
The funny thing is—
Kevin Russell reached out to me—
Yes that’s right.
He just intuitively knew.
He sensed that I was in a very dark,
sad and disconnected place.
I had just been diagnosed with
treatment resistant depression…
What does that even mean?
I am helpless? hopeless? Untreatable?
The weird thing about treatment resistant depression is that society has conditioned me to be ashamed of it. On the outside I “appear” to be “OK” but the truth is only the tip of the iceberg is showing when dealing with the “concious” aspects of my “conditioning”. There’s a whole lot more going on underneath those deep dark uncharted waters. “Sub”-conciously running the entire “show”. The sad thing about how mental illness and trauma is normally greeted it is often times with a lack of empathy.
“YOU”ve got this!
I am rooting for “YOU”!
“YOU”re not alone.
“YOU”ll get through this.
… but what if you’re stuck?
I mean really stuck?
What if your diagnosis is beyond some mold or construct that modern psychology can’t treat?
A clinical “Blindspot”.
It doesn’t surprise me that I tried everything under the sun. Mama always told me I was a special girl. So special that nothing worked for me…
Attachment therapy
Trauma informed care
Inner child work
Somatic Experience
Every form of antidepressant
Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
To name a few—
All are great and I still practice them but are not complete for me anyway. I’m “Resistant” remember?
All of these treatments deal with only 5% of the brain. The “conscious”. The “Tip of the Iceberg.”
I must admit I was very skeptical when Kevin approached me about doing a few sessions with him. After doing work with him I realize that his healing deals with the “subconscious” part of the brain the 95% mass of the iceberg hiding deep in my dark waters where all my thought patterns, habits, traumas, attachments and fears are stored.
Those sessions literally saved my life.
I was so down I had thoughts of suicide and didn’t see a point of going on. I had lost all hope in myself, in humanity and I didn’t feel a sense of belonging so why stick around? It seemed all so bleak and pointless.
The following week after those sessions I got my life back. All the things I had complained about for years I had addressed in five days.
Just like that—
It was magic.
The shift was undeniable.
I felt like myself again.
I got my life back.
I felt lighter.
I felt free.
Free of all the old patterns of thoughts that didn’t serve me anymore.
Did I try to go back to my old patterns?
Of course I did.
But when I did I had a visceral response in my body and would immediately stop.
The most amazing thing I realize is that I had this power all along trapped underneath the tip of that iceberg.
It wasn’t that I was stuck.
I was trapped in a negative spiral.
It’s so easy to lose awareness when you are in fact caught in a trauma storm.
Healing at a subconscious level with Kevin Russell has made me the eye of the storm.
I am centered, grounded and can now navigate through life with a lens of clarity, truth and light.
So thank you Kevin Russell.
Thank you for saving my life.
For reaching out to me—
when no one else wanted to “deal” with me.
You are a true healer and an amazing human.
I am beyond grateful for your gift of empathy, unconditional love and compassion.
My life will never be the same – Thank you.

Maureen / San Diego, Ca

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