Work with Kevin

Subconscious Transformation & Spiritual Guidance, Quantum Consciousness Coaching, Holistic Somatic Healing

What does a session look like?

The positive changes you are looking for with YOU IN CONTROL.


A transformation session always begins with a conversation and getting balanced. We connect and talk about the symptoms of (dis)ease you are experiencing, how you would like to feel instead, and any goals or objectives you want to align more strongly with. Then, we make sure your system is grounded and centered through whole brain balancing, breath work, and grounding practices.

From there, Kevin connects with your personal energy signature and we connect with your inner guidance to direct us to the areas most ready for transformation in order to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Symptoms can often times express themselves differently than the actual root cause and when we get to the subconscious, energetic core of the symptoms you’re experiencing, we are able to transform negative states of internal being without wasting time rehashing the past, suppressing the signals your system is using to let you know there is (dis)ease within.

For example, a debilitating case of indecision can have its energetic roots in an energetic trauma or emotional resonance from the past, or chronic knee pain can have its roots in an explosive fight with a parent or guardian from childhood.

Once your system has been balanced, and all presenting symptoms have been addressed, transformed, or released, we lock-in the changes at the subconscious level.

Before we wrap up, we create an action plan to take with you in order to support and accelerate the positive changes we just established resonating out into your life.

Am I a good fit for this approach?

If you are ready to get to the root of the issues, and experience real change, then YES! . ; )
The people who most often see Kevin:
  • have heard of energy work and are open to new solutions for old problems
  • are ready for massive positive shifts in my life experience
  • are a practitioner wanting to enhance my abilities and continue working on myself
  • are on a journey seeking wholeness, more abundance, my true self
  • keep experiencing the same relationship issues, self-esteem issues, work issues. The same thing keeps happening over and over and you’re over it!
  • are in a crisis; at my wit’s end; in a state of survival
  • feel like I’m in a void; things are cloudy
  • don’t know what else to do/ I’ve hit rock bottom
After working with Kevin:

My stress and anxiety is gone.

The dark energy I felt is gone, my pain is gone.

I feel like myself again.

I can everything I used to, I’m not afraid anymore!

I feel lighter and clearer.

I’m feeling good, relaxed, unfazed by stressors, comfortable and calm.

I’m observing things more, aware of patterns when they come up and can move through them quickly.

I’m listening to my inner knowing more.

I trust myself now.

I have the internal space to create new possibilities and opportunities now.

I feel whole again.

I am free.

Evolve from triggered to true freedom

It’s totally possible… I know because I’ve done it.

I’ve been on a healing journey my whole life and cracked the code to personal enlightenment. (Hint: you are already enlightened, healed, whole, and wildly successful – I help you move through what is keeping you from your natural state of enlightenment that has been there all along)

From overcoming severe food allergies early in life, to anorexia in my early teens, thoughts of suicide at 18, health problems as an adult, and almost having my marriage fall apart, I’ve experienced some contrast in life.

But everything I went through were just symptoms, check engine lights that there was a deeper state of (dis)ease just waiting to be released, so I could reconnect with the truth of who I really was.


I dove deep, and after two decades of exploring the healing modalities of yoga, meditation, transformative breathwork, Emotional Kinesiology, Touch for Health, PSYCH-K®, Emotion Code Therapy, Body Talk Therapy, and Biofield Healing technologies, I experienced a massive, life-altering enlightenment experience. I reconnected with my highest self, and what I heard in my head was a slightly different voice from my own that said, “YES! I am so glad you made it! We are going to have so much fun together!”

Since that experience, my natural clairvoyant abilities came online and I wrote a handbook on how to unwind the triggers of life and connect with your own enlightenment in just 2.5 weeks.

Now I help people reach their own state of radical freedom and elevated consciousness as a transformation facilitator and consciousness guide.

Schedule 30-minutes so we can connect, untangle what is holding you back in life, and I can answer any questions you have about me, Subconscious Transformation, and Quantum Consciousness Training.

Great! Start here with an introductory 2 hour session and comprehensive energy tune-up so we make sure you start off on the right foot.

You’ve been doing the work. Maybe with the shadow journal, a therapist, or being self-directed on your own journey and you’re ready for more. I gotchu. Whatever your goals, whatever your challenges, we can address them and optimize your entire being at the subconscious level towards greater peace, health,  fulfillment, abundance, happiness, contentment, and better relationships with everyone in your life.